Adaptive Challenge Consulting

Developing Leadership Capacity by Understanding Yourself and Others

Adaptive Challenge Consulting supports companies, non-profits and other mid to large size organizations as they face the challenges they are aware of and also those hidden challenges . Our experts have deep understandings of human development and the ways in which that development impacts organizations. Our approach differs from many because we see each organization as a living, interdependent ecology.

Alan Mueller

Dr. Alan Mueller is a native of North Carolina.  He holds multiple degrees from Appalachian State University including a B.A. in Philosophy & Religion, an M.A. in College Student Development, an Ed.S. in Higher Education Administration and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.  He is also a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Interpreter.  Alan has worked in sales, customer service, hospitality management and consumer lending and has spent the better part of the last two decades as an administrator and educator in higher education.

While in higher education, Alan has worked in leadership development, orientation, career services, academic advising, intercultural education and campus activities.  He has presented and published regionally and nationally on a variety of topics including leadership, experiential education, intercultural student development, campus-based marketing, values-based education, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. He has worked at multiple colleges and universities throughout North Carolina in student affairs, enrollment management, academic affairs and as an adjunct faculty member.

Dr. Mueller is a huge coffee fan, a strong supporter of the arts and also an improvisational comedian at The Idiot Box, an award winning comedy club in Greensboro, NC.


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Shawn Ricks

Dr. Shawn Arango Ricks is an intuitive healer, licensed mental health and addictions counselor, hypnotherapist and life coach in Winston-Salem, NC. She has been a nationally invited speaker and facilitator in the areas of mental health, equity and social justice. Prior to going into private practice, Dr. Ricks taught counseling and human services at FTCC, WSSU and Old Dominion University. Dr. Ricks has been trained through SAMHSA in Motivational Interviewing, Strengthening Families and Preventing Long Term Anger and Aggression in Youth (PLAAY).

Dr. Shawn combines her personal life experiences with over 20 years of research and teaching. She completed her bachelors and master degrees (from Penn State University) as a single parent after experiencing an unplanned pregnancy in college. At the age of 38, she decided to return to school for her Ph.D. as a working mother of three.

Being determined to "get it done", Dr. Ricks experienced burnout and fatigue, and began to realize that she was wearing a mask by pretending to be okay. She now works daily to remind herself and others that it is "okay to not be okay."

Because of her passionate commitment to help women, by debunking the myth of the superwoman, using her skills as an intuitive healer, counselor, hypnotherapist and life coach, she created the Self Empowerment Program specifically for women of color,--No Mask, No Cape. She believes everyone has the ability to heal--we just need help unpacking messages and returning to our "true and authentic" self.