Adaptive Challenge Consulting

Developing Leadership Capacity by Understanding Yourself and Others

Adaptive Challenge Consulting supports companies, non-profits and other mid to large size organizations as they face the challenges they are aware of and also those hidden challenges . Our experts have deep understandings of human development and the ways in which that development impacts organizations. Our approach differs from many because we see each organization as a living, interdependent ecology.

Adaptive Challenge Consultants offers several service-based products generally situated around three common challenge areas.

  • Building Strong Teams and Team Environments - Our consultants can help you build stronger teams within your organization.  Building a strong team is only sustainable when the daily environment also supports a team ownership, and we can help you get there.  This work challenges participants to create shared expectations, look at problem-solving in new ways and communicate better.

  • Working Together Using the Myers-Briggs Psychological Type Indicator - We can help you unlock the key of psychological preference. An often misunderstood instrument, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assesses people's psychological preferences. This instrument, when properly interpreted, can help you develop a deeper understanding of the ways in which people perceive the world around them, make decisions and derive energy.  Deeper understandings even uncover the pitfalls your team experiences under stress.

  • Understanding Immunity to Change - We can help you understand change and how change works. Each of us carries within us a psychological immune system.  Much like our biological immune system, it exists to protect us, but often we fail to understand how this immunity interacts with change.  For organizations to change, the people within those organizations must understand their personal immunity to change.  Our consultants work with individuals and organizations to identify, examine and test the assumptions that hold us captive and prevent us from embracing change.

We also provide several stand-alone workshops that can help your team.

  • The Psychology of Leadership and Teamwork

  • Improvisational Comedy and Effective Teamwork

  • The History and Future of Leadership

  • Effective job Interview Techniques

  • Diversity in the Workplace